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February 23rd, 2008, 23:59
I wanted to vote "NPC interaction" but due to the interference of some evil powers I voted "Character development", which is a lie!

NPC interaction for me! I just love party banter. Imagine I even took screenshots of the best conversations in BG2. And while it's my favourite element, I know an RPG can have little or no party banter and still be superb (BG1, hehe).

My second choice, very close to the first, would be questing I guess. I think it's the most important element, although not my favourite. I'll do every little quest there is in a game, no matter how absurd, including "Could you bring me my pants which I lost in a forest on the other side of the world and which happens to be the lair of a demon?" It's so frustrating when I have an unfinished or *gasp* failed quest in my journal/log. And the horror of choosing between two quests! *shudders*

Exploration is very close to questing. Actually, all these three elements are important for a good story, as bkrueger already stated here.
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