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February 28th, 2008, 16:32
That's some awesome piece of reading. And the idea is good. But it seems very, very far from reality to me. It requires nearly infinite hours of game design and twice infinite time for debugging all the scripts. Or so it seems to me now, at least.

Second reason why this is not real is modern action boom on Xbox360. Looks like noone is going to release mainstream games without some sensible degree of action(look at mass effect or at falout 3 previews) and indie developers just don't have enough manpower.

There's a small hope for me though. I'd really love to see an adventure game with an option to punch that guy in the face(and a minimally elaborate combat system for that matter) instead of solving a puzzle for him, and it's technically close to what Vince described. Is anyone developing something like that?
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