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February 28th, 2008, 22:12
Originally Posted by VDweller View Post
Here we go again. Dull and unrealistic. Unlike real time combat where you excitedly mash buttons and shrug off blows that could vaporize an elephant.
…Well, yeah.

I mean, if you want to get technical about it, can any *game* be called realistic? But I can't imagine anyone arguing that an animation of drawing an already visible weapon is less realistic than pulling out a shield big enough to sleep on out of thin air. - That's the sense that I meant by "unrealistic."

As for dullness, well there again, I think that 'button mashing' is an inaccurate umbrella statement, but even the games that are 'click fests' provide me more excitement than turn-based. - It's just an opinion, not an attack on your game. I think the graphics look great and the ideas of non-combat gameplay superb, hence my initial interest.

@ Brother None: Yes, I was fully aware of the title of this thread. But I don't buy rpgs to suit up in fancy armor only to go around playing Mr. nice guy. Don't misunderstand, I like mature games that get you to think, and I certainly do not always choose combat if there are other options, but fact remains that the game has combat elements, and those do not suit me, so I move on.
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