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February 28th, 2008, 23:48
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post

You can (probably) play the game from A to Z playing a stealth or dialogue character, or something else.

I'm completely missing your argument here. Why would the game having an element that you can completely avoid be a deal-breaker if the replacing elements are enjoyable to you? Do you feel you're incapable of playing an RPG without resorting to combat?
Well it's not really an argument. You actually hit it dead on, except rather than be "incapable" of playing without combat, it's a matter of choice. What I'm saying is this: I will want a measure of combat in any rpg I play - combat and rpg's sort of go together like peas and carrots, at least imo. I was drawn to the thread because, like i said before, I enjoy working through things on occasion without resorting to violence, but there will come a point in the game in which I will want to bash some skulls, and if that is not enjoyable to me, in this case because it's turn-based, then I'm better off passing on the game, as Dhruin said.

I'm not claiming that people who enjoy turn-based have an inferior opinion, I was simply expressing my own view of it. Please everyone, do not get all defensive.
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