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February 28th, 2008, 23:29
Dhruin: it is my personal conviction the word "immersion" has become tainted in gaming circles and can no longer be used in any meaningful sense. So for me, any argument about the "immersive" nature of combat or viewpoints is moot to begin with.

Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
combat and rpg's sort of go together like peas and carrots, at least imo.
Really? Seriously? Because this isn't like "driving cars" being a part of race-car driving games, or "a football" being a part of any NFL game. Honestly, I can understand if you're so used to combat being in RPG that you think the two are always together for you, personally, but I hope you do see how that has no wider relevance, and RPGs and combat aren't inherently linked at all.

Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
I'm not claiming that people who enjoy turn-based have an inferior opinion, I was simply expressing my own view of it. Please everyone, do not get all defensive.
Defensive? I'm not defensive, I just think you're on a path to cheat yourself from something you might enjoy for a totally arbitrary reason. That's disappointing, but if it's really what you want, that really is your own blistery butt.
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