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March 1st, 2008, 21:21
I have this odd feeling I'm not fully getting what you're trying to say. Not sure why, but keep that in mind if I'm misunderstanding you.

Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
Could you cite a few examples of mainstream game media making this claim? For example, about NWN2 -- there have been lots of reviews, so it should be easy to find examples.
I wasn't thinking of NWN2, obviously, I was thinking of Fallout 3. I could find examples but I guess you'll take my word for it if I say that the argument that Bethesda's is switching to the "more immersive" first person view (and that this is a good thing) has been made…many, many times.

Perhaps I've been overstating it, but regardless, you would agree that the gaming media applies primacy to "immersive" gameplay for RPGs, no?

Originally Posted by Prime Junta View Post
Again, two different things.
Is it? I mean, those films that still work in black & white, which is the exception and not the rule for films made now, work because black & white is what's needed. But black & white is something you could argue is only necessary for very specific purposes, whereas otherwise it's outdated technology.

Are you equating this and making the argument that in the same sense non-"immersive" games should be the exception? That first person POV is bound to be as dominant as colour rather than just being a sake of preference?

Because I'm hella disagreeing with you then. This isn't 3D vs 2D we're talking about, and considering how subjective this is, isn't it a bit wild to claim absolute priority for first-person POV?
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