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March 1st, 2008, 22:30
Immersion is surely just "something" that can grab "your" total attention.

The first thing I can remember being immersed in was The Phantom Tollbooth (as a child) and then the likes of LotR and Dune in my teenage years. All of which are books and have no moving picture element to them at all. I remember reading 1/2 of LotR in 1 day because I was so engrossed back then. Immersion in games has come of age with graphics and complex game play. People get engrossed in their own interests so some games are more immersive for one person than another. The simple trick of the first-person POV is that the players position is half in/out of the game world so that the players weapons are an extension of their self. The real reason this is "immersive" game play in the industry is that it has sold well and continues to sell well and there is nothing really wrong with that (I really enjoyed Bioshock and COD4 recently). Male brains are exceptionally good at switching off the world around them (or so I hear) maybe that has something to do with the male/female gamer ratio - who knows? Anyway, immersion really is a PR word for fps or the ilk not the true meaning of the word: state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption (from www.dictionary.com).
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