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March 2nd, 2008, 19:38
Looking at the precursor pictures - there are no cockipts (thats a definete minus), the space combat graphics including the "hud" looks ugly and the weapons look arcadeish - I mean the craft has 400 generic missiles?!!!i*

Overall the whole space element could be just a sideshow for everything else. As a genrebreaking game it reminds me a bit of the last dynasty (1995) from sierra that was a spaceshooter/adventure game:


The last dynasty failed miserably - not the least for the bugs and lack of overall gamedesign. The different elements of the game didnt really come together at all.

Id rather see a real space shooter @ xwing & wing commander/privateer with real story and all instead of these eXperimental trade simulators / attempts at genrebreaking. Luckily the fans are working hard with wing commander saga, galactica, privateer and other mods to bring us the games the gamecompanies refuse to deliver.

*And that is the "space game" they are suppose to release in few months
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