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March 2nd, 2008, 19:30
I remember being involved in a hairy debate with roqua (whom I sorely miss) about the power of words--I think it was in that thread about the women basketball players being called nappy-headed ho's.

Anyway, he maintained that words could never be a really meaningful form of damage compared to physical assault. I wonder if he's read this thread…

This debate between Prime J and BN certainly illustrates to me how personal and subjective definition can be; also how volatile, and how effective mere words can be at assaulting identity and positions.

Please don't damage each other too much verbally--your discourse is valuable precisely because you do disagree and are articulate about it. The hair-splitting of the true meaning of immersion aside, shining the light of your respective thoughts on the various subjects brought up on the boards has a merit in its own right, and adds to everyone's experience when you guys keep it between the lines.

My two cents.
Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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