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March 2nd, 2008, 20:58
Funny thing is, I'd probably agree with roqua. I'm not much a believer of power of words an sich, and it doesn't matter to me how you define immersiveness. It becomes annoying, for me, when it is used as a kind of abstract "goal" that all games should reach - where possible - and is equated with a first-person high-graphic experience. That combination is too close-minded for me.

Which I guess would be my whole point. But I have no one left to discuss it with since I annoy everyone

Words are just words. It's the effects that scare me, the reactions. I'd probably mind Fallout 3 a lot less if it didn't mean that the chance of a sequel that is close(r than Bethesda's interpretation) to the originals becomes all the less likely.
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