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March 3rd, 2008, 00:16
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Well, last time I looked, this whole thread consisted of words and the ideas they represent and the effects/ reactions you're concerned about are because of them, so I must be missing your point. If you didn't care about the contextual meaning/definition of 'immersive', this whole discussion would never have occurred, right?
I don't give a damn about the contextual meaning or definition of immersive, semantic debates on the internet are the biggest waste of time of this century. Already!

As I said a few posts above, the debate somehow turned to PJ's personal definition of immersive, but I don't care about his personal definition of immersive, he can define it however he wants. It's not the word or the word's meaning that disturbs me, it's the discourse surrounding it. The way it is used in gaming's current paradigm of universal design as the ultimate goal. Yuck.

Hence, "tainted". The meaning of the word has nothing to do with it being tainted. That was the whole point of my starting example of the Russian word товарищ.
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