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March 3rd, 2008, 20:01
It's too bad that Mr. Fitch had to abandon the PC market after the great initial release of Titan Quest (TQ) & Immortal Throne (IT) on the market. I picked up "TQ" for a measly $5.00 at Target and proceeded to play it for almost 80 hours (spending about 30 hours retracing old steps to level up my character). I still haven't defeated Typhon to complete "TQ", but I've been hooked since I fired it up. I spent $20.00 for "IT", but I HAD to have it after my addiction compelled me to do so. I've had exactly ZERO crashes on version 1.30 and minimal slowdowns on a mid-level system. In short, thanks Mike, I appreciate all of the visible and evident work that went into a fantastic game. My only regret is that Iron Lore will not be following up with more great titles for me to enjoy.
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