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March 4th, 2008, 01:23
Thanks for that.

Unfortunately I messed with my medications (quit them cold turkey) and in the process messed up my mind and am in full schizophrenic episode right now, then had to be rushed to hospital, got on new really strong pills, now messed up from all this. Im way unpredictable, lawl. Psychiatrist yelled to stay on new medicines and no stress. So i cant do job, im sorry. At least i got to do it a couple times to see what its like. I would really have liked it too. They locked me 2 days in isolation ward under extremely close observation (they even watched when i went to bathroom…). Since i cannot tell what i will be like in the future, its only fair to you guys to let you know, that i am unreliable so its best if i dont do it. Hope you find more people

This why i cant hold job in real world.
-- this just in: I am probably not as retarded as previously assumed!
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