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March 4th, 2008, 16:09
My exp4ectations have become lower, I don't get so easily involved in "hype" anymore, and with a rather small wallet I'm forced to wait anyway (until a game hits the bargain price area).

So - I'll buy a game when it's out for a while now (my wallet forces me to do that), and so I'm happy, because the hype travels past me.

What I also do, is, training to hear to my intuition. This works fairly good, and hinders me from buying games I wouldn't want.

A few days ago I bought Warlords 4 (by Infinite Interactive), and … - well, I didn't play it to say whether I'll enjoy it, or not. But the price was right (3 Euros), so I'll have a decent game I can dab around with, once in a while.

Right now, I'm playing NWN. Had I bought it at the "high tide", I would've been utterly disappointed. I feel it.

But now, it's a nice and decent game that gives me some fun - I'm content.

So, my advice is: Leave a game alone for some time, and try to buy it AFTER the "high tide". When it's ripe enough, then grab it. Like wine.
It's like travelling: Travelling outside the seasons wherein masses of tourists visit the same place is always more fun.
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