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March 4th, 2008, 16:15
Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback. It's good to know that others have 'been there, done that.' Echoing blatantninja's comment in the post above and a few others, I really feel bad about not being able to get into this game, almost to the guilt level, but that really just makes the situation worse.

Ander Vinz wrote:
Why can't this "article" be cropped to "I don't get what's so good about Mask of the Betrayer"?
Because I do 'get' what's good about it. I did my best to make the point that the game has everything I would expect to like. If you see my words as putting the game down in any way, that certainly wasn't my intent. The devs at Obsidian are in my mind some of the most talented individuals in gaming and have made memorable, one-of-a-kind classic games. If the game were bad, there wouldn't be any question about why I couldn't get into it.

@Holly Avenger Good point--I agree that expansion packs/sequels can have this syndrome. I had pretty much the same experience you describe with IWD2 as did blatantninja, and as Squeek had with Morrowind.
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