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March 4th, 2008, 17:55
I've had it happen many times and, indeed, with MotB. Here are a few I remember off hand.

Original NWN campaign. I started it up, got most (as it turned out) of the way through it, stopped playing one evening and just couldn't bring myself to start up again. Why? It was fun at first, probably because it was new, and then it just got tedious. The story was dull, the companions were annoying, and the implementation of the D&D rules was poor. I then spent a lot of usenet posting time arguing with people who thought it was great because of the modding potential versus guys like me who thought the campaign was awful.

Several years later I picked up the first NWN expansion on a whim and with exceedingly low expectations tried it out. Dang, it wasn't so bad as I remembered. In fact, it was fun. I finished it and pulled out the original campaign and finished that (which, alas, was as bad as I remembered). I grabbed some of the best rated mods off the net and D*MN some of them were really good. Then the second expansion came out and it was GREAT.

PoR2. I was so pumped about this game but as soon as I started playing I realized there were two severe problems. #1 was you couldn't really develop your characters other than picking a class. The game picked all the skills and such for them. WTF? The capability for it was in there they just didn't allow you any way to do it. #2 was the game was so slow I literally fell asleep one time while waiting for a horde of zombies to shuffle across the screen. 5-10 minutes waiting for the enemy to do a turn is stupid beyond belief in an RPG. And the level layout made it slow even outside of combat.

Gothic 3. I loved Gothic 2 despite its roughness and eagerly looked forward to Gothic 3. I got it as soon as it came out and, uhh, cr*p, it the first 5 minutes I realized it was all screwed up. Especially combat. I slogged along through various patches and combat was better but still screwed up but in new ways. Unfortunately the overall game structure just seemed goofed up. I eventually just set it aside and, well, there it sits.

Finally, NWN2: MotB. I didn't like the early part of (original) NWN2 but it got better in middle and really good late in the game (though, alas, not at the very end). Overall I liked it a lot. I got MotB right when it came out and I really enjoyed it a lot. However, I got to a part in the middle that I found REALLY frustrating as it seemed to be designed to punish you if you are playing a good character. I made it through that part but the sour taste killed the rest of the game for me for some reason and I gave up soon afterward. Another problem is that one of the more interesting NPCs (IMO) is the same class as the character I chose to play and having two of them in the same party is not a good choice.
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