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November 11th, 2006, 14:50
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
I liked Gothic 1 &2, but strangely not interested in 3. I think it's my natural self-protection feature which automatically dulls excitement for new titles that may be buggy as a month old corpse.

What a delightful analogy, huh?
Funnily enough the same sentiments here. Couldn't wait for G2 to come out back then, and now… G3 has been available for ages here, yet so far I refrained from buying it because of those horrendous reviews. Now I dled the demo and played a bit.
English language voice acting sounds a little goofy when compared to the original language Gothics 1 and 2, so I hope the original voice acting is better than this.
The demo runs fine (a bit choppy, but playable - I'm used to playing choppy games); after the average-looking intro (it was the same way with the olf Gothic games) and a few minutes of getting used to the controls (after roughly ten years I decided to return to left-handed mouse gaming) the old Gothic feeling returned, and I decided to get the game after all - the demo did its job .
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