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November 11th, 2006, 16:35
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
They need to release this game when there is a lull in the AAA titles. March or September would be wise.

I must say, I LOVE the interface. Its so clean and unique. Can't wait to play this.

I disagree. Most of the people eagerly anticipating this game aren't eagerly anticipating anything coming from the AAA market, and when the people that actually like and buy AAA games have no fancy games to buy and are actually open minded enough to play a stat heavy crappy graphic TB game, this game will still be there for download. Its not like the game is going to age badly. Everything that makes the game not so appealing to AAA gae fans will still be unappealing to them in a month or two years from now. This game needs no strategic release date, it just needs to be released.

Or, put it this way, I skipped Gothic 3 and NWN 2, so if this game came out a month ago my buying habbits wouldn't have changed. I'm not interested in Gothic or NWN, so I don't buy them. If Genforge 4 came out around the time of this game I would have to pick and choose which I wanted more. Ashes, AoD, Drakensung, The ToEE mod Keep on the Border, etc are much more up my ally. I would get AoD over them all first. And get the rest when I'm ready. Regardless of when this game is released, the people who are interested and are going to buy it are going to buy it, independant of what games are released and when and in what order.

Even if this game is released smack dab in the middle of the release of Dragon Age, FO 3, ES 5, Kotor 3, NWN 3, Gothic 4, etc, there will be a lull down the road where someone will see a review or get thios game recommneded to them and they will check out the demo and be like "OMG this game is the GAY!!!" or this game is good, maybe I'll buy it.

Look at when genforge 1 was released, now look at the screenshots of 4, not much difference, and everyone I know recommneds playing 1 first. these games age well because the graphics where always crappy and the gameplay will always be good.
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