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March 5th, 2008, 03:01
I'm sure they do in many cases but how much you do you pay to watch every worker involved at the duplication factory (or whatever)? I've worked in retail for a chunk of my life and I have never (really - *never*) worked in a company that didn't discover employee theft.

When I was a kid, I remember a fellow casual worker getting caught selling stuff and saying "do you really need a receipt for that…?" and putting the cash in his pocket. I got my first managerial position when $4000 went missing from the safe (two managers had equal access and they decided to mix up the staff). Later, a manager stole the safe contents in a nearby store and burned down the buuilding that night to try and cover the tracks. I got a major promotion when it was discovered a group of store managers, the Area Manager and the State Manager together had an operation to steal stock, sell it and split the money between all of them. The State Manager made sure any suspicions were smoothed over for a long time before it was revealed.

Anyway, my point is - where there are people, there are dodgy people, even in trustworthy positions.
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