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March 6th, 2008, 10:03
During last weekends playthrough I used the allies for the first time, and I found that they were somewhat helpful even if two (out of the four I had recruited) died. To help their survivability:

Keep on moving as you kill off enemies: the enemies respawn in groups that include shamen, and I think you need to kill the "leaders" and the "boss" that are at certain points in the mine.

Take out shamen as soon as you spot them. They are the main killers of your friends since they wont "queue up" nicely and might freeze your allies with their ice lance attack. Focus on archers (which wont "queue up" either) once the shamen are taken out, then on the melee enemies.

Your allies can actually soak up a fair bit of damage and distract large groups of melee enemies while you take out the shamen.

I think you can hand out healing potions once a wave of enemies have defeated (do it quickly before you move on).

At any rate it helps a lot to have invested in HP if you want to melee your way through the mine (even more if you are doing it solo). Having 5-600 hitpoints is very useful.
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