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March 6th, 2008, 11:05
I think you will spend a hell of a lot more in potions or "heal other" mana/scrolls, than simply doing it all yourself. I loaded a save just now and totally cleared the mine without using even a single potion of any kind. I was toting a flame sword, decent armor and about 250-300ish health. Lured them out one by one as best i could and did the mean deed on them. The shaman, or maybe it is shamen, whatever….tend to stay at the back of the attack. So you can pull even a large group away from the extremely deadly magic dudes and then run back thru that large group to attack the shaperson before the others can get back to protect him. Same thing with archer orcs. Just be sure to time your strafes so you don't get clobbered by a fireball/ice or archer missile when running in for the attack. After the archers/shaman are dead it is a simple matter to strafe and kill all the rest.
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