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March 6th, 2008, 17:30
@Prime J--Your point is valid, of course. But having been indoctrinated as a child that guilt is a motivator, it's hard to stop now.

Did you play Hordes of the Underdark, by the way? If so, how did you like it?
Indeed, I'm sure some of it is the overwrought nature of high level DnD. I played about half maybe of HotU--primarily because I enjoyed Deekin, (even though they had to change his voice for some unknown reason and make him sound like a chipmonk) whereas I finished Shadows of Undrentide--where you begin at level 1--and enjoyed it.

I think the guilt about MotB comes from my respect for Avellone and Obsidian-- and also the sense that I don't want to miss anything. I feel as if they could have something in there I need to check out in order to call myself a gamer; even though many of their recent efforts have left me less than thrilled, I always think the next one will be PS:T reincarnated.

@ D'Artagnan: Glad you liked the article. You wrote something that resonates for me here:
For me, it's the combination of being extremely picky AND extremely jaded that (at least partially) makes it SO hard to enjoy those few games that DO intrigue me. The picky part is responsible for there being so few of them, and the jaded part is making me pause everytime I sense I'm not being entertained sufficiently….However, and this is key, the reason I'm even bothering to try this, again and again, is because of those few truly wonderful experiences you CAN have with games (and yes, they still happen on VERY rare occasions).
That's exactly it--the lure of that experience that keeps you rivetted in place playing til you threaten yourself with carpal tunnel syndrome and deep vein thrombosis. And sooner or later that game always does seem to come along--for me it was The Witcher--that fulfills all your expectations and more. That's what keeps you playing.

@ curiously undead: the idea of the next in the series kind of game is mixed for me--I think actually I examine each game as a separate unit--sometimes I like the sequel better--as in the NWN stuff listed above, or like Might & Magic VII, and sometimes I can't even play the sequel as in Might & Magic VIII (though that was a much poorer game on all fronts anyway..)
I do think MotB picking up where NWN2 left off may have worked better for me if I could have played the whole thing in sequence rapidly as a continuum.
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