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March 11th, 2008, 09:39
Originally Posted by lanux128 View Post
is this a variation of the bug that causes the NPCs attack each other. it was really annoying if that happens. imo, there should have been a way to avoid "friendly-fire".
It's not due to friendly fire (which really wasnt much of an issue in the earlier Gothics if you used melee weapons). IIRC there was a bug inside the new mine that made Gorn go hostile when he was hit by enemy fire (or possibly when you looted corpses as JDR says, my memory is hazy and it's not something I bothered to study in detail back then), something that was hard to avoid given the amount of ranged enemies in there. It wasnt much of a problem since it was easy to stay out of his (and his pathfinding's) reach in the maze of the mine. It didnt affect events outside the mine since the mine was a different cell and "inside Gorn" from a technical point of view was a different character than the outside incarnation.

Friendly fire in G3 is an odd beast. It seems like you cant hit "party members" with friendly fire, only some (but not all) neutrals. I dont really mind friendly fire that much since it makes sense to punish one for using a halberd in the midst of a friendly crowd. The dumb auto-targetting that sometimes rather targets "friendly neutrals" than the neutral you want to make hostile is a much bigger problem…
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