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November 12th, 2006, 13:25
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
Everything that makes the game not so appealing to AAA gae fans will still be unappealing to them in a month or two years from now. This game needs no strategic release date, it just needs to be released…

Regardless of when this game is released, the people who are interested and are going to buy it are going to buy it, independant of what games are released and when and in what order.
I agree. Fans of decent, gritty, perhaps even "old school", rpgs will get this game (or AoD, or whatever Vogel game tickles your funny bits) no matter what other hype-gathering product is out. Overlap with the big commercial players will make little difference.

Even for people like me (and most of my RPG-fan mates, actually), who will play some of the the "AAA" releases as well as the indies that we like, we will still pick up games like this in a timely fashion (for various reasons).

Originally Posted by corwin
I hope it doesn't clash with the release of Two Worlds. I'd like both to succeed!!
I hope you are referring to Ashes : Two Worlds Collide. That looks great. The other "Two Worlds" looks like it is straight from the cheese factory. Admittedly, I've been reading stuff from the shallow end of gaming news.

Originally Posted by corwin
remind me to send you a copy of Grimoire sometime!!
What's the status on that game? Has been taking a while and there has been little media updates.
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