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March 15th, 2008, 20:57
Originally Posted by PatrickWeekes View Post
Choices that have more direct consequences -- I liked the choices that were offered in the first game, but they hit hardest on the roleplaying level, not the practical-game-effect level.
Hi, I'm also an ME1 writer - I did Noveria, Ashley, and bunch of other stuff. I'm working on ME2 now, and the following is completely my own opinion, not an official BioWare statement. Disclaim, disclaim.

My concern with ME1's story design was the position taken that every piece of content must be accessible to every character. The (sensible!) argument made was that content a given player doesn't see "isn't really there" as far as his/her experience goes. If the time was to be invested in making a cutscene, building a level, voicing a character, &c., the way to get the best bang for buck was to let everyone at it. Thus the supposed Paragon/Renegade-oriented plots are actually both opened to the player - but you only get direction to the one designed for your alignment.

That decision meant there could be no "branching" content. At the conclusion of a big plot, I think a "good" choice should always show a unique cutscene, and/or open a follow-on mission that builds on the outcome that choice. A "bad" choice should always show a different cutscene, or open a different follow-on mission.

Until we make peace with the idea of "wasted content" that "only 33-50% of the players will see," I think it's going to be difficult to show actual consequences in ME. JM2C.
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