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March 17th, 2008, 17:48
The names have been selected to reflect proper team affiliation….
Three NFL quarterbacks are sitting around a campfire, out on the lonesome prairie, each with the bravado for which the position is famous. A night of tall tales begins.

Tom Brady says, "I must be the meanest, toughest quarterback there is. Why, just the other day, a bull got loose in the corral and gored six men before I wrestled it to the ground, by the horns, with my bare hands."

Peyton Manning can't stand to be bested. "Why that's nothing. I was walking down the trail yesterday and a fifteen foot rattler slid out from under a rock and made a move for me. I grabbed that snake with my bare hands, bit its head off, and sucked the poison down in one gulp. And I'm still here today."

Tony Romo remained silent, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
Dallas Cowboys: Punt. Bring on the draft. / / Detroit Red Wings: Dylan Larkin, fastest All-Star EVAH!
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