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March 20th, 2008, 00:58
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Is it just me, or did the romances REALLY suck compared to the ones in BG2? I had at first thought that the romances in BG2 were stupid, but as I played the game, I realized that they added a level of depth to them. In NWN2 (I played a goodie-two-shoes Paladin and hooked up with Elanie), it just seemed like some random extra thing that they threw in.

Maybe Elanie just isn't good for it, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention!
it's not just you. bishop and neeshka are both just kinda romance option in nwn2 (if that makes sense). but then they are much better than proper romance options given to us (elanee and casavir). I so wanted bishop to romance my pc but instead my pc will be stuck with that boring casavir. then again on the brighter side, at least female pc dont have to romance some freaky stalker god-mother type of person (elanee).

That's why I'm looking forward to bishop for bg2 mod. BG2 romances and npc interaction is prob the best out of all cRPG. (maybe except torment but then I disagree. it was like words are just thrown at me every second).
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