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March 20th, 2008, 02:57
I was going to advise pulling in purpleblob on this discussion. With 50 BG2 plays under her belt, I bet she's done every possible combination--in a good way, of course.
I'm not much for NPCs in general and romance in particular--but I agree the romance options were pallid in NWN2 to say the least. In BG2 I used the roll your own party MP exploit and only had one or two joinables at any given time--the paladin(Keldorn?) wanting to burn the dark elf chick(Viconia?) just turned me completely off to the whole thing.I would pick up an NPC, do the the stipulated quests and drop him/her. But I do like a well-scripted romance that develops over time and makes sense---wish there were more around.
Sorcha Ravenlock is pretty well-versed in the BG2 and NWN2 romances, but she's not always around. Sorcha, if you're reading this you need to post your take.
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