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March 24th, 2008, 23:18
Sounds to me like they're calling it a console rpg because the person they are hiring will be working on just that version. And since the position is for level & narative design that also tells me that the PC version will be a port to come later…after the "real" version is made.

Of course none of that is new, or even necessarily as bad as it sounds. That's just the way things are today…if the game is multi-platform the console version(s) WILL come first and the PC version will be a port. That no longer means you can instantly assume the PC version will suck though. Sure, a game made primarily (or only) for the PC would (well, could anyway) be MUCH better in almost every way…but that just ain't gonna happen very often (at least not from a major developer).

As for the combat, I'd already assumed the best case scenario for this game would be RTwP. Anybody who thinks they're getting a full turn-based combat in a major release is completely delusional.
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