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March 26th, 2008, 01:27
"anticipated" oh my

That said, I even had to slice it down a bit. For instance, I couldn't rant on the disguises part how completely and terribly unmanageable this is with HtbaG's inventory system. The disguises take up half your inventory space and there's no way to sort them. Insanely annoying.

Originally Posted by unregostered View Post
The problem with many game reviewers is that they don't understand how the 0-10 scale works. An average game is 5/10. 7/10 (which is roughly what 6.7/10 is) signifies a good game, well worth buying.
It does? Sorry, I use continental school scales (even though that traditionally goes from 1-10, yes), making 6.0-6.9 average, and 7.0-7.9 above average. 8.0 and above would be good.

Which is pretty much what our rating system clarifies.

But to be honest, I'm not fond of our rating system myself. If you had read the review, you might have noticed this sentence.
So that begs the question, is it worth it? Hard to be a God is actually a bit of a difficult game to answer that question for (and as such the rating below is not all that meaningful)

Am I being unfair if I assume you just jumped to the rating and from there to your conclusion, skipping over the disclaimer and explanation of who might like this game?

It's funny because the actual text of the review more or less agrees with your opinion that HtbaG is not really "good" and has a lot of major flaws, but I guess you skipped over that.

Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Nice to read! Too bad the game has so many issues, but I appreciate you taking the time to run through the good, bad AND ugly of it all.

Sometimes I wish they would just leave the voice work alone and subtitle things like they do for movies and spend more time there.
Man way too much time. I kinda enjoyed the game, though, didn't finish my second playthrough but neither was it a chore ('cept for the camera). This game has a certain draw.

And yes, no reason for them not to put Russian VOs on the disc. They didn't, though. Shame. Would've been much better.
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