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March 26th, 2008, 19:26
I really appreciated Dhruin asking me about the conversation system in Frayed Knights for one reason - it helps illustrate that while one might have a lot of cool ideas for what might make a "better" RPG, they don't always work together.

Some parts of Frayed Knights are going to be (hopefully not too painfully) traditional, even though I know those areas should evolve or see more attention.

Other things are going to be kinda different, and will meet with some resistance. Like the drama star idea. I know a lot of people complained already when I explained it, unhappy that they wouldn't be stored with a saved game. And there's some legitimate concerns, like us old fart gamers who can't put hours and hours into a single session, and have to quit and reload out of necessity of real life demands.

While I have a lot of non-RPG game titles to my credit, this IS my first RPG. So I'm expecting to make a lot of mistakes on it, and I'm picking my battles carefully for where I want to do something different vs. where I'm clinging to tradition for safety.
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