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March 27th, 2008, 02:16
I'm not so sure I dig the drama points…

Deep-down, they look like they're the same thing as Arcanum's faith-points, if applied differently, but if I turn it around and look at it mechanically, what I see is basically an attempt to bribe players not to save/reload. Why? Because that bugs you.

I'm not sure that's the right way to go about it. I'm sure it works fine as a mechanic, but the moment you try to bribe someone you're basically offering him two options, either go with the flow and enjoy the free candy or ignore that it exists anyway. For someone like me, the choice would obviously be the latter - which is what I usually do when seeing someone is trying to bribe me into making a different choice than I'd normally do.

So basically you're adding a kind of meta-gaming choice to solve the problem of save games, which is fine, but I think you're taking the wrong angle. The problem for RPG designer is that, unlike in pen and paper, there are no situations where the player will have to just deal with the wrong choice he made. Instead of asking a person to reload here, you're asking him to take the free candy and solve the problem that way. How does that improve…anything?
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