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March 27th, 2008, 02:23
Excellent interview. You don't find such a combination of long lasting experience, enthusiasm and the willingness to try new ideas (and to scrap them if they don't fit) very often. I love the idea of the Drama Stars and I hope they will cure me of my save/reload addiction.

Originally Posted by Jay Barnson
Yeah, its hard having no budget but your own pocket-change, and having to fight tooth and nail for even the tiniest bit of attention or awareness, and then having people say, Oh, man, that game might have looked good fifteen years ago!
Well, those people wouldn't play an indie RPG anyway, so why bother? And not to forget that some games back then (like Monkey Island or Lands of Lore) had a fantastic artwork, only limited by the technical possibilities. A one man dev just can't compete with a (small but very talented) team of artists some game companys at that time already had. That said I really like the screens of Frayed Knights. Simple but quite expressive.

Humor in RPGs is hard to get right, but after reading about those "Frayed Knights flavoured spells" I'm optimistic.
Originally Posted by magerette
I'm so tired of marketing hype, marketing slang, marketing priorities and general marketing BS that it tends to have the opposite effect on me. (Jaded is the word I'm looking for here.) I can't even read through a whole press release from any AAA title company without wanting to turn off my computer and learn to cross-stitch.
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