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March 27th, 2008, 05:03
Okay, first of all - let me say that everything that is in the plans now or that will appear in the pilot may not be representative of the final game. The pilot is a chance for me to discover as many flaws as possible before it's too expensive to change 'em. So you aren't allowed to hold me to any of these answers…

(Yeah, I know. Developers ALWAYS offer that caveat, and it never does 'em any good).

Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
One question that wasn't asked/answered:- How is exp gained for leveling? Is it combat based, quest based, etc?
Yup and yup. And for committing to decisions, rescuing damsels who may or may not stab you in the back, taking risks, drinking from possibly polluted water… Now, BALANCING all that XP is going to be another story, and I'm expecting weekly migraines as a result.

Will solving an issue in a non-combat way cost me exp
Sometimes. Sometimes it will gain you more. Not all choices will be created equal. See above re: migraines.

As for the pilot, with only one quest - the question is more of how and when you apply the violence, not if.

Oh, and how many levels are you planning for the characters?
A zillion! Or twelve! Or somewhere in-between. Originally, we were planning on the game taking you up from 3rd to 12th, with possibly some wiggle-room beyond for the extra-DUMPIE (Dungeon Upwardly Mobile Professional) or extra bloodthirsty. But that can change, because I'm a powergaming twit, and I like to really abuse all the customization options myself, and I don't know if that will really be enough.

But from a story perspective, you won't end the game as the unquestioned masters of the universe (cue He-Man music). You'll have proceeded from somewhere near the bottom of the food chain to somewhere less near the bottom of the food chain.


Also, are there joinable NPC's?
I fought with my GUI designer to keep the portrait scrolls small enough and tight enough to fit an extra row down below our heroes. He wasn't happy about it. Hopefully this was not without reason.

A better way of dealing with the save/load issue is either not allow the person to load a save game that he made within the last x amount of time or have a detriment to doing so like lowered stats for a time.
Believe me, I considered it. Stupid insta-releading twerps! However, I do have friends who have told me they want to play this game. And they have also threatened me with bodily violence should I restrict their ability to load and save at will. Since there are more of them than there are of me, and they know where I live, I decided to take their opinions under advisement.
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