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March 27th, 2008, 20:58
Originally Posted by mogwins View Post
Any chance of summarising the changes to the game here? I assume it changes the original game, rather than being a stand-along mod?
Not sure what you mean. You add the the mod to the original game and it is still recognisable as wizardry 8 with all the original quest, npc's and storyline.

There is much in the game that is hard-coded and many things which are not that must still be left alone for the game to even work.
For example you can remove any npc or monster from the game by using the editor, but if you remove an npc that is tied in with one of the original quests then you are going to get crashes.
Sometimes you don't even have to go that far. I got a crash simply by changing an NPC's location
So you have to stay within may confines to create a mod, and yet that which is possible has the capacity to fundamentally change the gaming experiece of Wiz 8 fans
My next release version 2.0 will have 4 new locations in it and i am currently standing at 192mb for the unpacked mod as opposed to the 37mb for this one i have given you the links for.
So that gives you some idea of the magnitude of the changes that you can expect.
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