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March 27th, 2008, 22:13
Dhruin: Why on earth would someone use a scale where more than half of it signifies a failure? That is complete idiocy. But okay, I was not aware that the GameBanshee-site used that kind of scale, so apologies for assuming they used a mathematical scale like every other site I visit. You are right, though; I should have checked first. But at least this taught me never to take any scores from GameBanshee into account when I consider buying a game.

As an aside, it's a bit problematic that scores from such sites are counted equally as scores from sites which use a mathematical scale where 5.5 (or 5 if they have 0 as a valid score) is average at sites such as GameRankings and MetaCritic. I wasn't aware of this, and it does kind of make the statistics at GameRankings etc. fairly useless (esp. if many sites use this "continental school scale").

Brother None: Yes, I read that bit. I didn't read the entire review, but that was one of the parts I did read. It doesn't change anything, though. As long as putting a score at the end of the review is part of your job, you can't just make a disclaimer and basically tell people to ignore it.




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