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March 28th, 2008, 03:53
Originally Posted by unregostered View Post
But at least this taught me never to take any scores from GameBanshee into account when I consider buying a game.

The lesson you should have learned is not to sail blindly on ratings and instead read reviews to see what they actually say, in which case you would've seen here that the review agrees a lot with your own opinion.

This is the big disadvantage of ratings, when people just jump on them instead of reading the text. That's not actually their purpose.

Originally Posted by unregostered View Post
I wasn't aware of this, and it does kind of make the statistics at GameRankings etc. fairly useless (esp. if many sites use this "continental school scale").
GameBanshee isn't carried by either MetaCritic or GameRankings, AFAIK.

Originally Posted by unregostered View Post
Brother None: Yes, I read that bit. I didn't read the entire review, but that was one of the parts I did read. It doesn't change anything, though. As long as putting a score at the end of the review is part of your job, you can't just make a disclaimer and basically tell people to ignore it.
Considering that's exactly what I did, I'd say "yes I can".

I've discussed the rating system with the head editor before and we both have our issues with it, but it's a carry-over from before. That doesn't mean I have no right to ask of my readers to consider my text before they jump to conclusions based on the end ratings. The end ratings are fine and I stand behind them, but you shouldn't blame me for people too lazy to consider the text before the rating.
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