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March 30th, 2008, 01:32
I didn't really like wild mage. I prefer following classes: Cleric, Sorcerer, Fighter/Mage, Assassin, Kensai. For the stronghold quest, I liked mage or sorcerer the most. Cleric is sort of must have class and personally I take at least 2 clerics around. Anomen is really good cleric since he can tank a bit too while Viconia can cast more spells she is weak as hell. Also, if you complete Anomen side quest in certain way, his stats will improve as well. Sorcerer is more fun than mage (I'm sure you know why) and Fighter/Mage isn't bad because this class can tank and attack while casting spell as well. For this class, best armour in SoA would be the elven chain (it allows you to cast spells and improve your defence by heaps). Assassins are fun if you love backstabbing. For them, damage goes upto x7. Kensai can't wear armour but they chop you so hard. I had a lot of fun with dual wield kensai.

NPC is also important because they give you heaps of banters as well as side quests. Following NPCs have funny dialogues: Edwin, Minsc and Jan Jansen(although some ppl finding him really annoying! I think he was much better than Grobnar though. Jan is actually funny). If you are up for romance then Viconia is the best bet…. although Jaheira isn't too bad either. If you don't want too much whining, avoid romance… all three female romances do get really irritating due to incredible amount of whining.

My personal fav NPCs are: Keldorn, Anomen, Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc and Yoshimo. I'm neutral about: Edwin, Korgan, Viconia, Jan, Nalia, and Valygar. And I hate: Aerie, Mazzy, Cernd and Hae'darlis. Note that some of NPCs go through alignment change (Anomen and Viconia if you are romancing her) during their side quest/romance. Some of them will leave if you don't help them out.

Try to do all possible quests. Some quests like Sahuagin City was really fun. You meet this awesome beholder who has really funny banter.

One more thing: if you want to start game being really evil, think again. Cowled wizards and city gaurds will appear everytime you rest and basically whole game will end up as endless fight with them, unable to do anything else. Once you reach higher level (when you can cast timestop etc) then come back to athkatla and do whatever you want. Until then, you should have rep above 10 to make your life easier.
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