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April 1st, 2008, 14:03
Can't wait for AoD to be released. That "choice is important" point is very appealing to me as I value Arcanum as most probably the best RPG I ever played. When I tried otherwise brilliant Gothic II soon after finishing Arcanum - I really hated Piranhas for forcing me to do odd jobs for the townsfolk and refusing the opportunity of forcing or sneaking my way in to the chapter goal. Come to think of it, Gothic is one of not-so-linear kinds of games.

Good thing I played Arcanum long ago and have forgotten most of its freedom by now or I won't be able to enjoy something like Mass Effect(which I actually liked very much).

Oh, that reminds me of another Xbox title, Fable. That one seemed to feature quite a portion of players choices. I liked it when I could actually be evil and take hero's helmet(or whatever that was) from hero's dead body instead of following his lead to a tomb of some old hero guy. The choices were kinda black-and-white and grotesque, but that's what the entire game was about. So it seems that RPGs with player choices can make it into mainstream and sell good. There's a hope more developers will embrace that idea. Well, not a very strong one, but…
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