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April 1st, 2008, 18:52
Exploring around town and doing smaller and character quests (the Curse on Jaheira is a favourite of mine since its good and easy to finish whether I keep her or not) tends to net me enough resources for undertaking one of the bigger quests (usually depending on the party I make).

And purpleblob, I would have to disagree on the Anomen vs Viconia argument. Ani is a mediocre cleric and a mediocre fighter as well, whereas Vici is an excellent cleric and a terrible fighter. Her only real points agains her are 1 - the low STR (9), and while it is a real drawback at first, STR enhancement items (belts, gloves) are not hard to come by even in the start of the game, and 2 - a negative (- 2) reputation bonus, which is pretty much non important by the end game. On the other hand I find Anomen way more annoying than he should be, even more so since he's the only female romance in game (I find myself offended with the sheer lack of variety). His stat upgrade is good, but even then Viconia has better statts. I give him credit he's a tiny bit more capable with the Crom Fayer.

God, you made me want to start up again, and even more, the de Arnice romance pack has finally come out.
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