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Default You know… (replay) Oblivion, yes or no?

April 2nd, 2008, 01:04
I've goofed on Oblivion just as much as the next guy… but really, if you add one of the total conversion mods, like Oscuro's, perhaps a combat mod and a few other tweak mods here and there, it's really not a bad gaming experiance. Given, the lack of meaningful dialogue is surely missed, but modded up like that, especially with the lvl scaling issues fixed by the mods, the pace of the game and the first person combat is actually pretty good… far better than Gothic 3 combat, and only a little worse than Mount & Blade.

My major grip now is the use of only four or five actors for the numerous NPCs in the game, and those butt ugly faces… (although I think there's a mod for that, too) I really would have prefered reading the dialogues than listening to those bland, charactorless voices. Jez, those actors could have at least tried to vary their accents a bit from NPC to NPC… they are, after all, actors, right? Jon Luc Picard notwithstanding…

Anyone else give Oblivion a second chance?
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