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April 2nd, 2008, 12:11
Don't really know. That sounds cool, but also looks like playing mage this way is going to be a real nuisance due to abundant micromanagement. I hardly used any magic in Ultima 7 because I didn't want to bother collecting the reagents, and all the rituals and combining runes makes everything even more complex. I never liked playing mages in RPGs at all though, thief is my favorite archetype. So maybe what's described in the article is really what mage-lovers want to play.

The main point of the article is beyond argument though. RPGs do lack mage-style gameplay. However I'd choose another solution - the multiplity of choice, like emphasized in AoD development. Best RPGs do offer ways of solving problems for sneaky and persuasive thief types, but the knowledgeable mage does really sometimes feel that his knowledge is not of much use in the game world. So there's vast space for improvement.

Well - let's see what Scars of War is going to be! I'm definitely excited.
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