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April 4th, 2008, 08:46
Do hell with the whiners.

"bag any chick you want"

Its perfectly in sync with the James-bond-ish setting that the game is trying to emulate. I mean what else you expected, "debate with chicks about concept of enlightenment"?! Ugh. Don’t perople play games for FUN anymore??

"inspired from Oblivion/Mass Effect/FO 3"

What’s wrong if the game takes some interesting elements from these games? The dialogue wheel of ME, for example, seems one such inspiration. Nothing wrong with that either.

Game looks promising from those scans. Spy-themed (action) RPG is definitely a refreshing change from MoTBs and Witchers. I just hope that dialogue is good (which it should be considering the talent involved) and there are *some* c&c in the story, not just a linear action story. We will see.
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