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April 4th, 2008, 14:19
Originally Posted by Turok View Post
Sorry but, if is what is reporting lot of money to companys this days, they have to do it, is a bussines not a wish maker company that make true your dreams.

You cant blame then for try to make money…
I'm not, but they shouldn't blame me for not caring for their game if they're tuning it down for the masses. They don't have to make the kind of game I want, but I don't have to buy their games either.

Obsidian has some credit to work with, but let's be honest…not a lot. Again, from the GI preview this game looks terrible, the only thing preventing it from being written of as a total loss is the Obsidian name attached to it. If this were Bethesda speaking, nobody would be taking them seriously.

But it's all good. We can still hold out some hope that it's better than the anti-hype from GI would make one think.
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