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April 6th, 2008, 13:54
Please be Thief 4, please be Thief 4, Please be Thief 4.

Of course, it will be another friggin Tomb Raider game…or whatever Terracide is (I'm not even gonna click on the link to find out what that is since it's obviously not thief and reeks of an rts title).

While I'm making futile prayers though, please let Deus Ex 3 be at least half as complex as the original. Or, saying the same thing but worded differently, let it be at least 5 times more complex than DE:IW (turd!). And by complex I just mean the skill/weapon development choices…story would be nice too but the story in IW actually wasn't that horrible if I remember right (it was just buried under a turd of a game).
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