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April 8th, 2008, 15:33
In our last poll, we asked about RPG elements. This is always a difficult one, because - as many readers quite rightly point out - it's often hard to separate what makes a game enjoyable.
At any rate, NPC interaction squeaked into first place with 32%, while character development was just behind at 31%. Exploration scored highly with 23% and then questing (6%), combat (5%) and puzzles (a little over 1%).
It's interesting to compare these results with the actual time spent on different elements in the average game - particularly with combat. Do we really prefer NPC interaction that much more - or does it mean the average RPG just doesn't have compelling combat?
This time, following on from a recent newsbit that inspired a few comments, we're asking about your favourite series. Bear in mind the polls only support 10 options so some just had to miss out. Over to you…

More information.
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