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April 8th, 2008, 17:03
This is a tough one, since there are several ways of looking at it.

For example, I thought Fallout rocked, but Fallout 2 (on balance kinda) sucked. IMO this means that I can't really rate Fallout as my favorite RPG series. Similarly: I thought Gothic mostly rocked, Gothic 2 really rocked, and Gothic 3 mostly sucked.

Also, I've only played isolated games from some of the other, older series -- and many of these are so long ago that I really don't remember them well enough to be able to say anything much about them. IOW, I have played Wizardry, Ultima III, and Might & Magic III, and they all rocked… but since I haven't played any of the other games in the series, I can't really say anything about the series.

I'm quite enjoying BG2 now that I'm over my initial frustrations about it (largely but not entirely caused by my misguided choice of "Hard" difficulty -- I assumed that "Normal" would have the nerfed fireballs etc. of NWN and NWN2) -- but I haven't played BG, TotSC, nor ToB (yet), so once again I can't speak for the series.

OTOH, I thought NWN OC and NWN SoU sucked hard, but NWN: HotU rocked, DoD rocked, WCoC rocked, that pirate premium mod rocked, NWN2 OC mostly rocked although the ending kinda sucked, and NWN2 MotB rocked all the way. IOW, although none of the NWN series games/premium modules actually reach the real summits of, e.g., Fallout or The Witcher, the NWN series has more cRPG's that I quite like than any of the others mentioned.

IOW, despite my mixed feelings for it, because the question was about game series rather than individual games, my vote went to… NWN.
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