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April 8th, 2008, 16:37
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
Ah, well, and Gothic had horrible controls according to various reviewers. It was still a better game than Morrowind. RoA had, in my opinion, a fantastic atmosphere, which more than made up for any shortcomings in other areas. (And I never played any P&P, so that's not an argument as far as I'm concerned)
Gothic controls (originally designed for consoles) were good once you got used to them. RoA controls were just unusable. I.E in combat you had one big list of options what to do. It was cramped with useless options and slow to use.

Heres few reviews from 90s:

Blade of Destiny 1994 65%
-million different selection lists -> cramped ui with huge amount of useless options
-discussion with ncps is mostly i like you/i dont like you
-magic is joke and mostly useless
-the combat option list is too crambed i.e why do you need two different options to choose which hand you put an item to?
-frustratingly hard and gets harder all the time
-weapons brake and you cant see their condition
-smith can fix only one weapon at a time and it takes ages to do it
-you cant attack diagonally with close combat weapons (even ultima3 had that option 10 years before)
-you can sleep but only 9 hours at a time. So if you need you can sleep even 300 hours but then you need to put the group to sleep 34 times.
-Magic points come back extremely slow and wizards easily become totally useless in battle
-if you want to move south from town you must find sign from southern part of town..sign on the north only guides to north..ridiculous waste of time
-you get only little xp from battle
-if you save anywhere else except temple you loose xp
-amatourish design overall the game is like add gold box except worse

Realms of Arkania 2: Star Trail 1995 75%
-few unlogical problems
-battles are ridiculous long
-badly digidized speech
-huge amount of skills (som of them have no use at all)
-when in combat characters get too close to each other its hard to see which is which - it all becames one pixelated mess. 2D combat would have been much better than this 3D mess.

It was never anything like gothic. Gothic was actually well designed game with good production values. RoA had nothing of that imho. Million different skills and options that have no use does not good crpg make.
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