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April 8th, 2008, 18:15
Voted Fallout mostly not for the love for it but for being Arcanum's predecessor. Remember the talk "RPGs are about choice", yeah? Ultima is also great. And, shame on me, not only I never played Realms of Arkania but actually don't even know anything about it. As for the other series in the list, they seemed good once, but later gameplay experience has spoilt me. Gold Box, Wizardry and M&M have really tedious and rather unspectacular battles - and not much to do besides battles, come to think of it. Daggerfall and Morrowind looked fine at the time, but having played Gothic the world seems dead and the combat dumbed down. Gothic itself has a living world and great action elements, but character development is too simplified and combat-centered, leaving no place to thief or diplomatic types. Having played later Bioware games like KOTOR and Mass Effect, BG and NWN seem to have much less of plot, much more of filler combat.

So, of all the games I know that are on the list, Fallouts and Ultimas are the only ones I can replay and still have fun.

As for the ones that didn't make it here, I must notice Spiderweb's Avernum & Geneforge. They're marvelous! I'm currently 10 hours into Avernum 5 and it's great, great fun.
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