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April 8th, 2008, 18:35
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
Woah there. I'm actually speechless.

Those points are probably all valid from today's point of view. Thing is, you could probably apply them or similar points to other old gamest too, because they all had flaws. Games were simply different back then. Imagine the old Lucas Arts UI in todays adventures (of what little there are). I'm seeing the reviews already: "you have to click way too often for even the simplest task".
I like the series a lot (mainly due to a much cooler atmosphere than most AD&D rpgs), and I only got around to playing it in the 21st century (and I also lack connection to Germany), but some of the flaws must have been obvious from the start. The amount of superfluous skills (and the skills/spells that only were used once and still needed considerable point investment), the breaking weapons (worse in the second title since towns were far away), and an interface where identified magical items didnt stay identified were serious issues that werent in ANY other games at the time of the RoA release. The combat in the first one also had some very idiotic restrictions (the lack of diagonal melee and the ease of blocking friendly ranged weapons).
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